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Remodeling Your Kitchen

Posted on: July 14th, 2016 by Admin

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen but get a little confused when thinking of about every decision that needs to be made. There are a few very simple decisions to make and we’ll walk you through those one at a time. Planning in advance makes all the difference in the world and it will help you avoid a few simple mistakes. Remodeling your kitchen is art with purpose.

First is the Layout- the layout of the kitchen is very important as it affects so many other areas. The perfect layout includes a triangle between sink, stove and refrigerator so it is easy to move from one to the other. Put some thought into this because it is difficult to change later on. Everything should be close yet open.

Secondly, are the cabinets. The quality and amount of cabinets in your kitchen will make a huge difference. You do not want to put time and money into remodeling your kitchen area only to put in too many or too few cabinets or try to save money with cheap cabinets . You may never remodeling this kitchen again so quality is not something you want to cut costs on. At sunrise Design and Construction, we work with the finest cabinet makers and have been doing so for over 25 years. We will help you fine the perfect cabinets for your kitchen.

Choosing the right lighting can be fun. Do your electrical planning early. Good overhead lighting is necessary and but not always enough. Some kitchens need extra lighting near the stove, sink, and prep areas. There are many options when it comes to lighting and many good ideas are available on Pinterest.

The good news is that by choosing a professional like Sunrise Design and Construction, we’ve done hundreds of kitchen remodels and will not only make this simple and easy but guide you along each step of the way. For more information please take a look at our website at