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Remodeling Your bathroom

Posted on: August 14th, 2016 by Admin

Before an actual bathroom remodeling begins, there is a lot that goes into the decision-making process. It is important to maximize your bathroom space and get the most for your money. Here are some bathroom remodeling tips that can help you along the way.
Before you start however, you may wish to see not only photos of prior remodeling projects but also references. How did the project go? Was in within budget? Are the clients happy with the work that was done?

1. Floor Tile Some tile floors, such as stone and marble, come with a higher price tag, although they can be well worth the purchase. Heating coils beneath those kinds of tiles keep the floor warm in the winter months. Both marble and ceramic can be equipped to provide warmth as well.

2. Walls- like flooring, pretty much any type of waterproof surface can go on the walls. The wall choices are similar to that of tile floors and include marble, ceramic, granite and less expensive options like vinyl.

3. Bringing the proper light into a bathroom is not always easy. Consider the amount of natural light that enters a bathroom when choosing your lighting.

4. Ventilation- Ventilation is important as it removes humidity, mildew and also prevents slippery floors. Being able to exhaust the air outside is essential to any bathroom and should be strongly considered.

5 Fixtures-Fixtures can create a custom look and really accentuate your bathroom. Even if your budget is limited, there is a lot of price flexibility when it comes to fixtures.
We take pride in walking through every important decision and making the experience an enjoyable one.